Here's a free gift! A throw back to my self-love story...
005: Our Connection with Nature is a GiftListen now | Drawing Parallels of nature and it's cycles to our divine femininity
004 - Is the 9-5 hustle killing your divine feminine?Listen now (21 min) | Women quickly realized that we can’t change the system, and so it started changing us.
003: The Cult of North America Listen now (28 min) | We are essentially living in a box.
002: Why are women so unhappy today?Listen now | We are all looking at external sources to make us feel more happy or important. Is that the right thing to do?
001: The Masculinity of WomenListen now (23 min) | Raw & Realness -Women have become more masculine throughout evolution of culture.
Our ancestors need us. Future generations need us. Our divine feminine needs us.
I made the wrong decisions, put myself into massive debt, filed for bankruptcy, went to court, lost some friends...
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